Why Is My Grease Gun Not Working?

Many users may face a problem like this.
The container is still full of grease, but no matter how hard we try, how much time we prime. The grease won’t come out.
Why does this happen?
The air pocket may take major part of reason.
But how to remover the air pocket?
Here’s the instruction step by step, following it and the air pocket will be removed:
  1. Remove the spout or any accessories out of gun head.
  2. Unscrew the gun head 1-2turns until 1-2 threads appear.
  3. Prime the grease gun until the grease out.
  4. Screw the gun head tightly and the accessory.
  5. Ready for use.

If following the above instruction and the grease gun is still not working, Please do not disassemble the grease gun. and quickly send to the shop that you purchased for assistance.