Two-way operation Grease Gun

Model: A-488NLSC

It is ideal for combining one-hand operation and two-hand operation in one gun.
By this way, the user will have one more option for its work in a proper way.

  • Capacity: 500 c.c. Bulk / 16 oz. Cartridge
  • Standard accessory: AW-401-18"
  • W/ Black grip
  • One-hand operation working pressure: 3600 psi / Max. pressure 8000 psi
  • Two-hand operation working pressure: 4500 psi / Max. Pressure 10000 psi
  • Standard Box: 12 PCS / Carton
  • N.W.: 19.93 KGS / G.W.: 22.83 KGS / Cuft: 1.60’

Standard Type Simple Round Plug Equipped
Optional (A) Air Vent Valve (B) Filler Plug
Variable Stroke
Bulk Loading
Cartridge Loading
Filler Pump Loading W/ Filler Plug
One-hand operation Working Pressure 3600 psi Max. Pressure 8000 psi
Delivers Minimum 1 oz. / 40 strokes
Outer Cap with Stopper
Two-hand operation Working Pressure 4500 psi Max. Pressure 10000 psi
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