We make lubrication efficient & easy!

Suction Industrial Co., Ltd. is an ODM&OEM manufacturer specializing in lubrication equipment. Since its establishment in 1960, Suction has supplied made-to-order grease guns to buyers from different countries. We design and manufacture grease guns, according to the specifications and materials of customers’ requests.

Suction emphasizes the importance of R&D in developing new products and techniques and continuously improves the quality and value of its customized or patented products, and services to fulfill the customer’s requirements in sourcing the lubrication equipment such as on-time delivery, quality, environmental performance standards, and products’ technical specifications.

Global Reach & Scope

Through its long-term engagement with international customers, Suction has also accumulated valuable experience in customer services and understands well the international customer’s needs in lubrication equipment.

Manufacturing premium grease guns and providing the best customer service, Suction Industrial Co. Ltd. is a top lubrication manufacturer the customer can trust.

Suction has served customers, including well-known brands, from different geographical regions, including:
  • North America
  • The European Union
  • Russia
  • East Asia, including Japan and S. Korea
  • Australia
  • Latin America