What Are The Different Types of Grease Guns?

There are three main kinds of grease guns, by hand, by air, by electricity.
  • By Hand – It is also called manual grease gun. It’s simply operated by squeezing the handle and thus controls the force and flow rate. Lever type, one hand operation and push type are all commonly used in the world
  • By Air – Air operated grease gun (Pneumatic grease gun) which is only operated when it is connected to air compressor through the hose. In the market, there are two types, single shoot and continuous flow.
  • By Electricity - Also called cordless grease gun or Battery-powered grease gun.
    This kind of grease gun is suitable for someone who works in some area where there hands are not available for priming the lever, or there is no air compressor such as priming on the Wind turbine.

A different kind of grease gun serves different purposes.
In fact we provide various types of grease gun and also customization.
Now, let’s explore for more details.